Monday, November 12, 2012


I've been watching the weather very carefully for the areas we will be travelling. Of course, we never know for sure what the weather will be until we are there, but so far things seem favorable and typical for late November.  Temperatures have been staying in the 40's and 50's during the day, and hovering right above, or below freezing at night.  Our days should be Sunny to partly cloudy, with a chance of showers while in Germany and possibly into Prague (as there may be a wet weather system in that area). The forecast is then calling for clear to partly sunny days as we travel East and South into Krakow and Budapest.

Be sure to bring layers, a hat and mittens or gloves for those chilly days while we are walking around.  For example, I am bringing a down jacket I can stuff into a pocket that sleeves unzip to turn into a vest. I also have a jacket that is about the size of a sweatshirt, so I can layer if I need to - especially while visiting Auschwitz.  This way I can layer long sleeve t-shirts and thermal shirts rather than trying to pack bulky sweaters and sweatshirts to depend on for warmth.  Plus, you will want to remove layers if it gets warm, and won't want to carry anything too bulky!