Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The City of Prague

What an old, interesting city!  Prague was full of so much to see and there definitely no way too see all of it.  Meaning...I will seriously need to get back here one day.  It was the center of all of Central/Eastern Europe at one point, and has the forth oldest university in all of Europe.  It is a rich culture.

Crystal Glass, Garnets and the Swarovski Crystal come from the Czech Republic, and it was fun to shop for these items!

After a walk through the four separate areas of the city: Old Town, New Town, Little Town and the Castle District, we had an entire afternoon to ourselves to wander.  

The Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral

At the gates to the castle

St. Vitus Cathedral

Walking down past the vineyards to the town

Look over the Elbe River and the Charles Bridge (those are swans, not geese!)

The Astronomical Clock Tower - using Johannes Kepler's  Ideals of the universe and astronomy