Sunday, November 25, 2012

Budapest: Paris of the East

Budapest is a beautiful city and having been to Paris, I found it to feel very similar - however, the people were very friendly (and in Paris they weren't NOT friendly - I thought they were - but here everyone speaks English so well because they basically have a language nobody else can speak and they know it...and they think it's funny...but they know other languages because of it).  I'm sure there are no Parisians who would agree with me. However, this is my opinion.

The Christmas market was open, and after a foggy drive through both Buda and Pest (on opposide sides of the Danube), and a walk through the castle of Buda - we were set free to roam. 

Despite the weather it was beautiful and I need about 4 more days here to explore.

The castle (now goverernment houses - even though there is still a King and royal family)

The Chain Bridge connecting Buda and Pest.  There was a filming fo a movie on it this morning, but we don't know which film it was.
The Jewish Memorial: where a gathering of Jews were placed, asked to remove their shoes and then executed and thrown into the river during WWII.  This was designed in their memory.  Even though the places we travelled were amazing, there is still sign of what suffering took place during WWII and the Communist regime everywhere you turn.  These were sad towns, yet enlightening and uplifting in their remembrances and the rebuilding that is constantly taking place.

Pest by night
Tomorrow we fly out at 8:15 am and expect to be in Denver around 3:30.