Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Exchange Rates

Where we are traveling uses the Euro like most European countries. At the moment one US dollar equals a little more than 3/4 (or .77 cents) of one Euro. This is a pretty decent exchange since I've been in Europe when it's been closer to half of one Euro. The current trends show a significant increase in the dollar's value worldwide, so it would make sense to continue watching this closely.

I strongly suggest watching these rates to find your best exchange. Please visit an exchange rate web site to follow the current trends if you plan on exchanging money in advance.

Money can be exchanged while there at the airport, banks and kiosks, but the rates are often more costly to the exchanger as the business will take a percentage as a fee. Exchanging in advance also will do this, but rates are usually nominal and there are companies that will deliver the money to your house. I've done this in the past and been happy with it. Depending on where you bank, they may also change over money.

The following are links that provide this service:

Travelex -They have both cash delivery as well as pre-paid cards in Pounds, Euros and US dollars that are accepted Worldwide. It just exchanges it like an ATM card would. The perk of this is great exchange rates. These CANNOT be delivered, but Travelex does have branches in Denver and I'm sure the branch can deliver it too you. They are through US Bank in Denver at three different locations: (303) 333-5713, (303) 771-5010 and (303) 260-7433.

Wells Fargo - They do not have pre-paid cards, but do have cash delivery for a cheaper rate than Travelex.

Foreign Currency - Used it and loved it!

I do not suggest traveling with traveller's checks. Fees for exchange have gone up in recent years and it is much more cost effective to use your credit or debit cards which will give you the best rates at the time. Be sure to check that your credit/debit cards are accepted overseas, although most are!

I typically travel with my Debit card, a credit card and a minimal amount of cast. ATMs are available in Europe also!

Be sure to let your bank and credit card carrier know you will be travelling overseas so they do not cancel your card!